Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 Sinquyo product introduction

Sinquyo full effect shampoo, with more than 20 years of technology know how, our technology research and development center is located in Taiwan.

We insist on using all natural raw materials to create effective products. The full set of products follows the principle of “three have’s, seven no’s”, three have – natural Japanese amino acids (clear), herbal extracts (solid), high-purity vitamins (nurturing); Noneno silicone oil, no soap base (foaming agent), no formaldehyde (preservative), no thickener, no plasticizer, no steroids, no estrogen.

Sinquyo is truly clean, supple, safe, with regards to shampooing and protecting hair. We strive to create a new brand of choice to reshape the 100 billion personal care market with real value. The first time: the effect and standard redefinition of the shampoo industry; the first description: the essence of clear scalp solid hair root hair products; the first formulation: 3:1:1 ratio of gold dosage makes shampoo more The first pass: brand and category occupy the user’s mind with category


Q3 Does most shampoo contain estrogen and steroid hazards?

A: Yes, Estrogen and steroid chemical name “ESTRADIOL”

It can cause acne, acne, hair loss, etc.; steroids severely disrupt the body’s normal hormone production, causing reversible or irreversible physical changes. More and more scalp problems in folliculitis, baldness, and alopecia areal affect your head health. Constant medication, may not be able to change the status quo, even once more serious than once. Simply choosing a functional shampoo that may contain hormones and steroids, making the condition harder to cure.


Q3 Does most shampoo contain silicone oil?

A: Silicone oil “polydimethylsilyl octane” “cyclopentamethyl methacrylate”

The effect of silicone oil is to wrap and fill, wrap our scalp and hair, blocking pores and resulting the scalp faces shortages of moisture over time.

Thus hair lacks nutrition, affecting the health of the scalp. The sealing property of “silicone oil” will make the nutrition of hair care products not reaching the roots of the hair. As the number of times of use increases, it gathers around the hair, and the hair is tightly wrapped around the outside. Blocked, resulting in a large loss of nutrients inside the hair, the final result is diminishing health of the scalp, and even leading to hair follicle atrophy, increased dandruff, hair loss and other symptoms.


Q4 Does most shampoo contain formaldehyde?

A, formaldehyde “methylchloroisothiazolinone”, “methyl isothiazolinone”

It is well known that formaldehyde is a toxic substance. Most shampoo contains formaldehyde. Excessive exposure to formaldehyde may cause hair loss. This is also a well-known potential carcinogen, and these harmful substances may precipitate in large quantities. Light damages pores, but interferes with endocrine, and is prone to acne and hair loss.


Q5 Does most shampoo contain the danger of plasticizer?

A: Plasticizer “DEP phthalic acid lipid compound”

 Plasticizers are used to increase the color and fragrance of shampoos, and do not change due to the environment and time. This is why many shampoos have a long-lasting fragrance. For years, there is no discoloration. Plasticizers have estrogen-like effects. It may cause endocrine disorders in women or men, and men may cause a decrease in sperm count.


Q6 Does most shampoo contains the harm of soaping base foaming agent?

A: Soap base foaming agent “sodium laureth sulfate”

Long-term use of soap-based foaming agents can cause cancer, can cause genetic variation, and also destroy the necessary oils and proteins for hair growth, and inhibit the healthy growth of hair, leading to hair loss, and it will undergo “ethoxyl” during the manufacturing process. It will produce carcinogens called by-products called “1,4 dioxane”.


Q7 Does most the shampoo contain a thickener?

A: thickener “sodium lauryl sulfate”

How to check if the shampoo (including facial cleanser and shower gel) is thick? A method to do so is to add some salt to the shampoo and stir and see change in consistency (Industrial salt bar thickener blocks pores and does not penetrate oxygen to cause chemical residue); When petrochemical soapine is added with thickener, it is easy to cause residue while cleaning, resulting in dryness and chemical damage of scalp (skin).


Sinquyo’s shampoo products does not contain the above seven kinds of petrochemical components.


Q8 What is the “3 key ingredients” in the Sinquyo’s product?

A: 1 has natural amino acids, 2 has herbal extracts, 3 has high purity vitamins; 


Q9 There are several series of boxes for clearing and curing?

A: There are 2 series of cleansing and curing all-purpose shampoo.

       Dry/Sensitive series

       Oil control anti-hair drop series




Choose the right product based on scalp condition


Q10. What sets of boxes should I use for oily/hair loss/scalp?

A: Oily scalp will be oily within 1 and a half days after washing the hair. The oily scalp is adapted to the oil control series “Blue set”.


Q11. What kind of box is suitable for dry/itch/acne/dandruff/scalp?

A: The scalp that becomes oily after 2 days of washing is a dry scalp. It is suitable for the dry/sensitive series “pink set”.


Q12. What kind of box is suitable for oily/hair loss/itch/acne/dandruff?

A: If you have the above scalp problem, we need two sets of boxes to be used together. “Control Oil Series” and ” Dry/Sensitive Series” are used interchangeably.

The first wash is in blue, and the second wash is done in pink foam for 3-5 minutes. First to spray pink, first solve itching, dandruff, acne, problems.


Q13. What box is used for the smelly scalp?

A: The hair has a oily smell should use the oil control series “Blue”

Healthy scalp is washed once every day. If there is any scalp problem above, it is recommended to wash every day for the first week before use, wash twice each time, and improve the scalp problem and change it to two days. If the above problems are more serious, you need to insist on washing every day until you get better.


Q14. How to use scalp care set?

A: Shampoo: wet hair, 1-2 pumps depending on hair volume,

The first pass is washed for 1-2 minutes then rinsed, the second pass for 3-5 minutes and then rinsed.


Hair Root Essense: After the hair is cleaned, dry the scalp, spray it evenly on the scalp, pat, no need to rinse (no wash)


Hair Conditioner: After using the hair root essence, apply an appropriate amount of palm to spread on the hair. (no wash)

All the above processes are completed, and the scalp is blown dry after 2-3 minutes.


Q15 Why does the scalp produces oil?

A: Hair roots come with sebaceous glands, which secrete an oily substance called sebum. In fact, this sebum benefits the hair. Sebum keeps the hair healthy and smooth and it keeps the hair from excessive drying and from breaking.


Excessive sebum production is the cause for oily hair. In the worst case scenario the sebum glands clog the hair roots and may cause excessive hair loss and dandruff. The causes for an excessive sebum production are heredity, unhealthy eating habits, medications or improper hair care. The sebum production may also vary with the change of seasons, climate changes, hormone fluctuations or longer periods of stress.


Q16 Why is the causes of dandruff?

A: The scalp of all people is populated by a certain yeast-like fungus (Pityrosporon ovale). When the fungus exists on the skin in excessive numbers the fungal metabolic products irritate the scalp, which then responds with increased dandruff production. The dandruff formation also depends on individual factors, age and climate. Too little exposure to light, in particular to UV light in winter, promotes the dandruff production. The hair care routine also plays a role. The dandruff formation becomes conspicuous if the hair is not washed often enough.


Q17 What makes a person lose hair?

A: 1, appearance – epidermis

a, oil clogging causes the pores to shrink b, the epidermis damage caused by the external environment 

2, inner layer – leather

a degenerative period b atrophy

c skin elasticity insufficient d chemical damage caused by cell atrophy

3, the immune system

a, after childbirth, b, medication


Q18 Why is the scalp allergic?

A: Appearance – skin

a bacteria breeding – spores b scalp moist – fungi c excessive exfoliation – weak d chemical damage – sensitive itching e dryness f air anaerobic bacteria

Inner layer – dermis

a dermatitis b folliculitis c pustule

immune system

a immune system decline b endocrine disorders c atopic dermatitis d dry 癣 e fat leakage dermatitis


Q19. Is the clearing and curing shampoo water watery rather than thick?

A: The non-hydrophilic nature of the thick shampoo is likely to cause damage to the hair and scalp, chemical residues, and damage to the scalp hair. In order to avoid the above problems, the whole solid product is free of thickener (sodium lauryl sulfate).


Q20. What is the difference between the two products of clearing and curing all-purpose shampoo?

A: The functionality of our two products is different.

For example: blue bottle set: oil control, moisturizing, anti-off, increase scalp elasticity; pink bottle set: Shumin, antibacterial, anti-itch, moisturizing, anti-dandruff.


Q21. Is there a soap-based surfactant in the cleansing and total-effect shampoo?

A: Sinquyo shampoo is made of amino acid as a surfactant. Petrochemicals use soapine as a surfactant. The amino acids we use are naturally pure and refined, and the foam is fine.


Q22. Is there a formaldehyde preservative for clearing and curing all-purpose shampoo? Is there any component of MI and MCI?

Answer: a) All products are cleaned and prepared with natural plant extracts, which can be used with peace of mind. b) Formaldehyde preservatives in MI and MCI systems can cause cancer, and internationally. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have been banned for many years.


Q23. Why did the bubble disappear quickly when I first washed my hair?

A: Because our shampoo composition is minute and foamy, it can penetrate into the gaps of the scales to decompose greases and impurities. If there are too much impurities on the hair, the foam will quickly defoam, so it seems that the foam are disappearing. But in fact it is decomposed to isolate the hair body from grease and impurities.


Q24. Will the hair be dry and rough after using the product of clearing and curing all-purpose shampoo?

A: First of all, the product is not added with any petrochemical ingredients. There is no chemical residue and superposition in the process of use, and the pH value is about 6.0. It will not put any burden on the scalp and hair, and remove the residue on the scalp and hair. At the same time of impurities and dirt, clear solids have been resolved thus creating clear scalp, solid hair roots, hair growth.


Q25 Why is the whole body shampoo in the form of a foam?

A: The shampoo of the petrochemical raw material process is a thick body and cannot make a watery foam. Clearing and curing the whole-effect shampoo is directly water-like. It can be easily converted into a foam by a foam pump, and the foam is delicate. It is truly convenient and scientific, practical and economical. The cleaning does not remain completely, without any petrochemical damage.


Q26. Why is the clean and solid water shampoo foam so delicate?

A: Because the clearing and curing all-purpose shampoo is made of natural amino acids as a foaming agent. The small molecular weight foam is mild and non-irritating. The fine foam has stronger and more penetrating power, and the foam blasting also brings out the dirt at the root of the hair follicle.


Q27. What makes the full-effect shampoo so effective?

A: The scalp needs nutrition instead of medicine. It clears the concept of clearing the scalp, fixing the roots and strengthens the hair. It really activates the skin’s original self-healing and self-defense functions, thus achieving a healthy and effective state. .


Q28. Does the cleansing and full-effect shampoo have effect on hair loss and white hair? What is the principle?

A: There are many reasons for hair loss and white hair formation: the first is hereditary hair loss and white hair; the second is hair loss and white hair caused by work stress and living habits and the decline of body immunity; For hair loss and white hair caused by external phenomenon, you need to adjust your habits and improve your health. Most cases of hair loss and partial white hair are caused by our scalp injury, which causes physical damage and chemical damage. Physical damage is caused by combing hair and shampooing. Chemical damage is done with wrong shampoo and hair care products. If this is the case, clearing and curing the full-effect shampoo can help you improve hair loss and white hair. Because a hair follicle can repeatedly grow hair about 18-23 times, a growing hair, about 2-6 years of normal life, but if your scalp is unhealthy, the life cycle will be shortened, directly into the degeneration period (life may It turns into 2-3 years or less. If you use a cleansing and shampoo, the scalp is healthy and it can prolong the hair growth period. So it is possible to grow new hair while the newly grown hair becomes healthy. Of course, the hair loss and white hair improvement time will be longer, but as long as you insist on using the clear solid products for three to six months, your scalp hair must be different!

Therefore, to enhance the protection of the scalp and hair, improve their living habits, active maintenance, hair loss and white hair can be improved.


Q29 What is so good with Sinquyo scalp care?

A: The function of shampoo is to clean. Traditional shampoos use petrochemical soap-based thickener as a cleaning formula, which really achieves the cleaning effect, but the damage is chemical residue. It can cause transdermal toxicity, causing problems such as oily scalp on the scalp.

Clearing and curing the whole-effect shampoo chooses amino acids as a foaming agent to achieve a cleaning effect.


Amino acids as a blowing agent must meet two conditions:

The first component must be a natural amino acid;

The content of the second amino acid is at least 40%


Q30. Can Sinquyo scalp care help Mediterranean hair loss?

  1. First of all, we need to make sure that the reason for the loss, some people are genetic, some people are under too much pressure, some people have external injuries, and some are caused by traditional petrochemical products.

No matter which kind of problem causes the hair loss problem, we must replace the current care products in the first time, and then the improvement is the scalp environment. It is effective to improve the scalp environment by clearing the whole body shampoo. Help the scalp to remove residual petrochemical ingredients, and the hair follicles are healthy and strong.


Q31. Can babies use a clear solid to take a bath?

  1. Yes, Sinquyo is a skin type shampoo. It can be directly in contact with the skin. Its PH quality is close to our skin. Shumin medium dryness can effectively alleviate the baby’s eczema problem.

Q32. Is it effective for people who suffer hair loss after giving birth?

  1. Pregnant mothers have different hormone secretions in postpartum lactation, so they will produce a lot of hair loss.

What we need to do before the balance of body hormones is to give a suitable environment for the hair to grow healthily. Only the hair follicles are healthy, and the hair follicles that grows out have the grip, and use the solid to raise enough nutrients for the scalp hair follicles. And moisture to make hair more vital.


Q33. Why does the bubble disappear so quickly?

A: Because this is the defoaming reaction.

When the first time of cleaning, the bubble disappears quickly because the defoaming reaction removes the grease and dirt inside the pores while defoaming, and plays a deep cleaning role.

Traditional petrochemical shampoo foams wash more and more, do not play a defoaming reaction, so do not go inside the pores of grease and dirt. Cleaning the surface of the scalp, long-term use can cause a variety of scalp problems.


Q34. The lather of the shampoo is not like conventional shampoo

A: Normal hair is washed once everyday, twice every time. The first round the foam is not a lot, due to dirt and oil on the hair and scalp, the small molecule foam will quickly binds with dirt and grease, so the foam will disappear quickly. During second round shampooing, the foam will be very rich. The amount of foam that is pressed and fixed once is 0.75 ml, so use the appropriate amount according to the volume of hair.


Q35. After using the shampoo, the scalp feels a bit cool and tingly

A: The ingredients in our shampoo consist of mint essence and witch hazel extract and rosemary essential oil. These ingredients are anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects, and if the scalp-sensitive person is in the process of conditioning, might cause prickly feelings to appear, and when the scalp conditions improves, the prickly feeling will slowly disappear.


Q36. Does Sinquyo shampoo helps with seborrheic alopecia conditions?

A: Seborrheic alopecia happens because the hair follicles are soaked in oil for a long time. Because the hair follicles are undernourished, it causes the elephant to be found. Therefore, the method of improvement is to wash your hair well, so that the oil in your hair follicle can be discharged and the hair follicles can be made. Re-absorbed into nutrition, then you can stop the phenomenon of hair loss.

The whole set of cleansing and curing all-purpose shampoo does not contain petrochemical ingredients. First of all, it will not cause scalp burden and can effectively take away petrified residues on the scalp. 100% effective control of oil secretion, so clearing and curing is effective for seborrheic alopecia


Q37. How long to see the effect of using the Sinquyo scalp care?

A: The skin is divided into the epidermal layer of the dermis. The epidermal layer of the immune system is generally effective for 1-3 months. The dermis layer is usually effective for 3-6 months. The immune system is generally effective for 6-12 months. Because the cause of the formation of the scalp problem is not the same as the degree of formation, the normal situation is how long it takes to improve, but often it will give you the desired effect.